The Panama Attacks For Channel Istanbul

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, told Channel Istanbul project for the Panama Canal expansion to work with the team carrying out the project.


Istanbul’s crazy project management for the exchange of ideas with the Panama Canal Istanbul will be made and will be announced cooperation team working there.


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan added:  “between Panama and Turkey the navigation channel of the construction and management of the administrative and technical expertise sharing for collaboration platform On 27 June the  includes the establishment Panama ‘s capital Panama City and signed on. Arslan, he said.


“According to the agreement we signed will start to be built in Turkey for the Istanbul Canal, Panama Canal Expansion Project will establish a project team that collaboration platform. Channel management longest history in the world and the countries with the most extensive experience with Panama, Istanbul will be to relieve the ship traffic in the Strait we believe will contribute to the construction of the Canal Istanbul project.”


Arslan explained: thhe Panama Canal Expansion Project that the Panama Canal specifying Authority had talks with a working group consisting of representatives for relevant institutions and organizations under the coordination. Moreover, he added: “the world’s largest channel one of the projects successfully engaged in the Panama Canal Authority to establish cooperation platform with Canal Istanbul project we plan to take advantage of the experience” the assessment found.


Minister Arslan, not only for the construction of the planned Channel Istanbul project in Istanbul use the strait traffic, stressing the great importance for all countries , the length of the new waterway will be created with the project said they expect to exceed 40 kilometers.
Continued work on the project so quickly that route pointing to Armstrong,” the width of the channel surface 500 meters, 400 meters at the base, we foresee the depth of water 30 meters. Thus threatening the marine tanker traffic in the Bosporus will be able to use this new channel and also ensured the security of the Strait ,”he said

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