The Ones Who Hurry Up Will Win In The Anatolian Side

The transportation lines and popular projects raised the housing prices in Anatolian Side. In Anatolian Side, (Kartal-Maltepe-Pendik areas) the prices are racing with the ones in Europe Side.

Experts points out that the transportation lines and popular projects raised the housing prices in Anatolian Side and warns the persons who want to purchase houses with no rise. The new started building houses’ high prices makes the houses soon to be delivered have high amount of rises. The purchasers who bought a house in June 2015 and will get the house in May 2016 will not be affected by the rise that is about %10.

In Maltepe an area which causes its investors to earn, the new started residence building project that is Seyr-i Adalar is preferred by the estate investors who wants to evaluate the profitable investments in the area. The Seyr-i Adalar project which can be seen from everywhere is planned as 25 stores. The facades started and continues to end. Thinking that the other building projects has contributed the value of the area, it is expected that at the end of 2015, the prestigious projects’ square meter price will rise up to 4-7 thousand dollars.


Having profitable investment alternatives the residence building Seyr-i Adalar project in Maltepe provides low prices for the ones who want to earn in every aspect. Its being close to metro bus, metro and Anadoluray meets the demands of White-collars’ purchase. For the persons who want to make good use of their savings, Yapı Investment’s residence concepted building Project Seyr-i Adalar has attractive prices of houses. The houses between 122 and 124 square meters and have 2+1 rooms are for sale with the prices of 500 thousand TL and 850 thousand TL. The houses with 140 square meters and have 3+1 rooms are for sale with the prices between 550 thousand and 700 thousand and the houses with 168 square meters and have 3+1 rooms are for sale between the prices of 710 thousand TL and 1.235.000 TL. The Seyr-i Adalar project whose square meter price changes between 4 thousand TL and 7 thousand TL and is being built as one single tower has 24 thousand 280 meters of closed building area. In the project of Seyr-i Adalar there are 120 houses and the 2+1 houses’ gross square meter is between 124 and 122, net 91 and 92. The 3+1 houses are between 140 and 267 gross square meters, net 104 and 124, lastly, the ones with 168 square meters have net 125 meters.


The Seyr-i Adalar Project which has been built with special architecture impressions and will be ready in May 2016 covers an area of 3 thousand and 597 square meters. The building Project has social areas, a cafe at the floor, ornamental house, sport areas, and prepared with life and walking roads in the landscape area. The houses between 122 m2 and 168 m2, can be made sums until 12 months with 0 rise and 0 commission with the concept of corporation. In the Project Seyr-i Adalar, you have the possibility of using forward housing contract until 120 months with a low rise like 0, 25.

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