The one’s who buy a land from Buyukcekmece River Basin will regretful

The Mayor of Buyukcekmece Dr.Hasan Akgun warned the citizens against the people who dont have any reconstruction but act like they have it and sell it.
President Akgun convoked the citizens and said, ” The one’s who sell their rings,bracelets and buy from here a land should know that they can just plant beans and leek to this area. We dont want our citizens to suffer.”


The unauthorized structures will be removed

President Hasan Akgun examined with his accompanying team of officers the Eskice neighbourhood which is close to Buyukcekmece River Basin.The old structurings were allowed in the region and the new structurings like containers were identified and precautions were taken too.To prevent the settlements ,the identified containers will be removed by the team of officers of the Buyukcekmece Municipality and will be moved to another region.

The Mayor of Buyukcekmece warned the citizens who want to buy a field on Buyukcekmece River Basin and said also, “If the people who want to buy a land dont want to waste their money, they have to go to the Directorate of Urbanism and Reconstruction of the Buyukcekmece Municipality to take a document.Should i buy it or not? The buyers have to find out if it has a reconstruction or not.We wont let anybody to sully this area.We will dispose the tricks on this field.”

President Hasan Akgun, “Nobody can come to this region and put containers.Nobody can construct here to the small areas. If the law permits,the people who obey to the orders can build houses to the region. The land owners have to use their land like this.So the people should know that they are wasting their money for the lands they have bought.”

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