The Number of the Residences in Istanbul has increased up to 705 and For Shopping Malls, the Number Will be 72!

In 563. year after conquest, the number of the completed constructions and the residences which are still under construction has reached 750 and for the shopping malls, this number is 72. Intension rate of traffic has reached up to %90. North forests are the only choice left for the new motorway.

563 years after the conquest, now Istanbul is occupied by residences and shopping malls. The number of the residences of which constructions has been completed in two years, and the residences which are still under construction hes gone up to 705 and for shopping malls, this number is 72. North Forests are the only alternative choice left for the new motorway. If it is zoned for construction, the population of Istanbul will increase by 7.5 million people. The income will increase up to 350 billion dollars.

When Environmental Plan, charted in 2009, has not been implemented, Construction and Contractor Lobby has engaged with the issue. No new motorway can be build because there is no alternative zone in Istanbul anymore. 500.000 cars will be hitting the roads in two years.

E-5 Does Not See The Sunlight

76 luxurious residences and 25 shopping malls are located throughout 95 km long E-5 route. The road is almost sunless.

45 Residence in TEM

The number of the residences, of which constructions have been completed in the last two years or still under construction, in TEM is 45. Also 6 mega shopping malls are located in this route. With this urbanisation in TEM, 500.000 people will be added into the population of European Side. There are 30 ongoing residence constructions more in Zeytinburnu Coastal Road and Basinekspres route. In the city, which consists of 120 Shopping Mall, 72 more shopping malls has been actualized in the last two years.

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