The New Trends In Real Estate Sales Were Talked

The meeting with the title “The new trends in Real Estate Sales “ was organized by the Strategy Platform for Real Estate –GİSP The participants for the meeting were GISP Young Team and the players of the real estate sector. At the meeting some important subjects (How the new trends are affecting the real estate sector and tendencies the developing sector based on sales has) were discussed. Füsun Yılmaz Philipson who is the FYP project development founder defined the first step of the success; writing the story correctly and differentiates. Philipson emphasized that the projects which follow the technology, have a capable of sensing digital change and using the power of social media correctly can be different. Philipson explained that short and the effective videos can make very important additions to the sales.


Social-Domestic-Mobil Approach

In real estate sales, which methods are more effectively? Füsun Yılmaz Philipson, told that there must be a glocal strategy and be careful about the countries’ realities. You need to use social-domestic-mobil approach while you are following the world and the all innovations.


Not only the methods in real estate sales must be differentiated also the product must be differentiated. Philipson strengthened her view by the examples from alternative real estate investments like student dormitories, serviced apartments, health concepts, sharing offices etc.

The president of the GISP Hakan Gümüş, explained his vision about the meeting title. Gümüş said that the period which the real estate investments based on the sales passed. He emphasized that the sector needs to have new financial models.


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