The Most Profitable Regions For Investing in Land in Istanbul

The profit of real estate investments, which is one of the investment instruments that investors have not abandoned for years, has reached even clichés. If you get this money before every national lottery draw, what do you do on the question, the Turkish man says to buy real estate directly. Because real estate purchases are one of the most profitable and sound investment instruments. But it is very important to choose between the most profitable cities for real estate investment in Istanbul. The most profitable real estate investments in the city, which has a wide area and population density, will bring more profits in the cities like Şişli, Beyoğlu and Fatih, which will be closer to business circles and will increase this profit every year.


Best locations and neighborhoods for land investment in Istanbul Due to the size of Istanbul and the different population densities, land investments in each district and neighborhood provide different benefits. The best areas for investing in land in Istanbul and the areas where there is a metro between the neighborhoods will always make a profit. Metrobus from the new transportation means also influenced the appreciation of the arteries. We can say that the most valuable lanes in Istanbul now are the regions where the third airport area is built and the third is the construction of the bridge. Outside of these areas, in the newly developing province of Esenyurt, there are big profits from investors in the neighborhoods near metrobus. In addition, the Küçükçekmece district, which is close to the city center and has easy accessibility, offers extremely valuable land facilities. Büyükçekmece and Kumburgaz, which are the summer areas of Istanbul, also offer valuable and profitable land investments.


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