The Leader Country in Foreign Investor Became Clear!

Foreign-invested companies established in İstanbul continue to rise.

According to profile information of foreign-invested companies newly established in first quarter of 2016 which İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) got, for the first quarter of the year, among the companies established in İstanbul, the number of foreign partner has been risen for 25,7%. Capital sum that they registered has been risen for 12,1% too.

In istanbul, in January –march period of 2016, new companies were established by 1,651 foreign partners and these companies worth 335,1 billion Turkish lira. At the same period of previous year, 1,313 foreign partners promised fund worth 299 billion liras.

Syria is in the first place

Syrian financers who established 650 companies, took the lion’s share in the number of foreign partner with %39,37. Iranian investors followed Syria with 5,33%, Germanium and Iraqı investors took part after them with 5,03%.

While Saudi Arabia which established 65 companies in total with 24,94% share took the first place foreign capital value, this country was followed by Syria, Holland and Germany.

İstanbul Chamber of Commerce President İbrahim Çağlar states that funds in the world head towards the countries which these funds grow so much with low risk and said ”Especially, with the 2016 year, we see that foreign investor wants to establish a company or take in partnership to companies in İstanbul.  This situation backs up the positive signals such as inflation, industrial production and growth which attract the attention in recent months”

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