The Land Tax Was Reduced, The Stamp Tax Was Zero

The rate of stamp tax was also zero when the tax on land was reduced until 30 September. Minister Naci Agbal, said the application will bring to the multiplier effect of the economy.

At the beginning of Turkey's locomotive sectors, construction support is under way. Yesterday, the decision published in the Official Gazette was reduced to 30 September in title deed fees, the stamp tax rate was also zero. This decision, which the sector representatives have been waiting for a long time, is said to be a serious advantage for the housing prices together with the VAT regulation. The residential sector is happy to implement the players.


VAT, stamp tax, and land registry fees, pointing to a period of opportunity for those who want to buy real estate sector representatives, "All these regulations with the effect of record sales of 2017," they say. Finance Minister Naci Ağbal said that they would reduce the rate of 4 percent to 3 percent from 30 percent to 3 percent, which is 2 percent from buyers and sellers, which would create a significant revival in the market. He noted that the regulation would cost nearly 900 million liras a day but this cost would come down with the impact of the economy.

Nef Executive Board Chairman Erden Timur, after VAT regulation; Resetting the stamp tax and decreasing the amount of the title deed would provide a great cost advantage, said: "The stamp tax of 500 thousand TL was about 5 thousand TL. With the decrease of the title deed, the cost of the title deed decreased by 2,500 TL. If we think that the 18% VAT will be 8% with the new arrangement, the customer gets 50 thousand TL gain. 500 thousand TL in a house totaling 57 thousand 500 TL is an advantage, "he said.

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