The Housing Prices İn Europe Has Increased %4

The prices around the world in terms of housing has augment in general. The house prices in Europe has also increased. When the data of this year is compared with the last year data we can clearly say that the prices has increased %4.


When it is looked at the yearly data it is clear that the augmentation in yearly basis is seen in Czech Republic with %12,8.


The Top 3 Countries With High Housing Prices

According to the datas of this year there are 3 specific countries in which the housing prices has augmented a lot when compared with other places. The first country as we mentioned before is the Czech Republic with %12,8. It is followed by Lithuania with %10,2 and lastly the third country with the highest prices in housing is Latvia with %10,1.


The Countries in Which the Housing Prices Fall Down

There are a few countries situated in Europe and in which the prices of the houses has fall down. We can say that in these areas the prices has been affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes. The first country with the highest degradation is Croatia with %0,4 and the second country which follows it is Italy with %0,1. There are also other countries that we can add to that list such as Mlata, Slovakia and Greek Populated Southern Part of Cyprus. We do not know if the prices will continue to decrease but it seems that they will for at list know.


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