The Housing Prices Have Rissen In Erzurum

Recently, housing prices in Erzurum have been rising. House rents in Erzurum vary between 500 and 1000 liras a month on average. This situation puts both students and citizens in trouble.

The population and the number of students that are increasing every year in Erzurum bring with it the housing problem. The ongoing urban transformation efforts in Erzurum and accordingly the intense demand for living doubled.

Erzurum Real Estate Consultants Association Chairman Bünyamin Canlar said, "House prices have increased due to insufficient housing, in which case both students and citizens become victims."



The reason for the housing problem in Erzurum is; Urban transformation projects have started very slowly and with the newly opened Erzurum Technical University, student shipment to Erzurum will begin.


Every year in terms of population and economics, Erzurum, which develops and grows itself, draws attention of local residents and students.


784 houses were sold in Erzurum in July, including 254 mortgages and 532 other roads. According to the month of July of 2016, mortgaged residential sales increased by 67.1 percent, while the number of other residential sales increased by 64.1 percent. In July of 2016, 152 dwellings were sold on mortgages and 474 houses were sold out of 324 other roads.



According to TURKSTAT data, 4 thousand 636 houses were sold on 7 month basis covering January to July. These sales amounted to 597 thousand mortgages. Compared to the same period in 2017, the number of residential mortgage sales increased by 61.1 percent and the number of residential sales from other ways increased by 23.8 percent. In the same period of 2016, 994 mortgages and 2 thousand 453 other routes were sold, totaling 3 thousand 44 houses.


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