The High Loan Interest Prevents The Growth of The Real Estate

The High Loan Interest Prevents The Growth of The Real Estate

The firms plan together to develop a trading project to increase the sales for the foreigners and say, “The loan interests have to be decreased.”

In the second session of the Urban Transformation and Smart Cities Congress which was hosted by Sabah newspaper was discussed the urban transformation and the new story of real estate in the next 10 years.In the session, moderated by GYODER Consultant urban planner Faruk Goksu, spoke the Sinpas Corporation Board of Directors President Avni Celik and said, ” The main problem of the sector is the high interes.The interest rate in USA is 5,in England 0,75 and in Turkey 16 percent.You cant fight with this interest rate and win in a common area.


 We Have To Be Open For The World

Celik says that there will be an system needed to prevent the consumer credits to be given by the foreign currencies to have a sale increase in the next 10 years.This will increase the rate of savings ,will decrease the pressure caused by demands and the interest rate will take a trend down direction.And when the consumer takes a housing credit the guarantee has to be also a housing.Celik emphasized that the projects dont have to be limited in the borders of the country ,instead of this the projects have to be opened for the whole world.”When i was in the recent ‘Cityscape Exhibition ‘ i saw something else.The world has a reputation for Trabzon.Especially the Arabs buy houses from here.That’s wonderful.”


 The Interest Rate Has To Be 0,65

Suleyman Cetinkaya ,the Board of Directors President of the European Housings says that,our interest rate is too high.We cant convince the clients to buy housings with this high interest rate.

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