The Green Valley in Istanbul is Now The Environment

Atakoy in Istanbul 7-8 section of the forest to the health facility to make the court ” stop ” he said. The debate over the plot, which looks green in the 1/5000 scale Nazim Reconstruction Plans, has turned into the ‘Green Valley‘ in Tosun Pasha. They alleged that the signatures belonged to them by opening pankarms on both sides of the signage wars between the environmentalists and the landowners. Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court decided to put the last point to discuss the park of 3 acres of land.


Environmentalists in Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court filed a lawsuit against Bakirkoy Municipality, which turned the park into a healthcare area. Bakirkoy Municipality Legal Adviser experienced the tension between the environmentalists and President Kerimoğlu when they made a defense that stated that the plan was amended in accordance with the law. Kerimoglu wanted a defense against the lawyer who sent his objection to the court except for his knowledge and sentenced him. The court, which has consulted the court, decided to cancel the parking area of ​​Bakirkoy Municipality and turn it into a health field. According to Article 6 of the Urban Development Law No. 3194, it is necessary to comply with the Master Planning Plan of 1/5000 scale according to the planning technique. In other words, it is understood that the plans are not established in accordance with the hierarchical structure of the plan and the plan hierarchy. Urban planning principles, planning techniques and public good aspects of the law did not come to the end result.

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