The Giant Istanbul Tent Stamped MIPIM

The largest real estate fair held in Cannes, France, was the tent in Istanbul this year, in the absence of MIPIM 2017. International funds in a 635 square meter tent came together with Turkish builders

MIPIM, which brings together the most influential investors of the real estate sector in Cannes, France, was stamped by the Istanbul tent of 685 square meters. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) positioned the Istanbul tent as a large bilateral meeting, while the 100 largest investors of MIPIM met with potential Turkish partners in the Istanbul tent. More than 2 thousand 600 firms and more than one of them have been present at the fuard where 90 countries are located. ITO Chairman Ibrahim Caglar Said, "We will translate this image we have excavated into the minds of the MIPIM intimidation investors into new business contracts this year," he said, conveying the city's image with the Istanbul real estate tent for two years.


Caglar explains that the real estate sector is a giant force in the world, "We are not only creating employment in Turkey and activating more than 300 sectors, our contractors are building the world with our know-how, and our country is signing a billions of dollars worth of exports. Caglar Said, "Last year, construction materials reached $ 15.2 billion, and investors who came from abroad to buy real estate from our country also contributed significantly to the economy, promotion and social fabric of our country." Caglar noted that Turkish contractors have undertaken projects exceeding 325 billion dollars in many points of the world so far. He spoke.a

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