The Foundations Of The Construction Began To Shake

In the construction sector, which has been seen as the locomotive of the growth of the Turkish economy in recent years, even the big companies have begun to discuss long life.

MESA Chairman Erhan Boysanoğlu stated that the sustainability of the construction is very important by recording that the construction sector feeds 2 million jobs and 200 sub sectors and that if there is a problem in this area, the Turkish economy will be affected as well.

Boysanoğlu pointed out that the talk about the sector that undertook a mission is mostly focused on speculation. "But from a general perspective, one does not have an approach to the sustainability of such an important sector with the right sensation. It is a very challenging and vital process. The sector appears to be very bright. The brighter Turkey is, the brighter the construction sector. Even our industrial friends are entering this area, not every entry is permanent. We have a history of 48 years. We are both on the housing and real estate side as well as the infrastructure side. I have a corporate production. However, despite all these, sustainability is in the ranks of our agenda. "

Boysanoğlu stated that the implementation of fair and standard application in housing VAT, the production of healthy and detailed data related to the sector, the settlement of the land problem, the new zoning regulation and many related details should be considered as a whole and the sustainability of the sector as a whole. Boysanoglu, "VAT direct to the Ministry of Finance goes to the municipal land interest in property values. For so many years we have been confused about decisions. VAT is punishing big families in communities like ours. This does not come towards me.


Explaining that the urban transformation can not meet expectations Boysanoğlu said, Now they are going to change the name of the victim as a premeditation law. Since 1 October, the Regulation on Development is also changing. I have concerns about the future of our children.


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