The forced-sale value of The Real Estate is 3.6 Million TL in Arnavutkoy

The real estate in Arnavutkoy will be sold at the price of 3.6 million under execution. Bakırkoy 3rd Execution Office put up the real estate which is in the İstanbul Hadımkoy quarter for sale. The total value of the related real estate was determined as 3.653.959 TL. There is not any building on the 38.975.57m2 of real estate but there are factories and warehouses around the real estate. The real estate tender will be held on June30, 2017 at the hours between 10.40-10.50 a.m. in the Enforcement Court Osmanpaşa 3rd Execution Office. The sale will be made by auction.


The Tender Details

The real estate features were explained in details. The real estate belongs to the debtor Adnan Vedat Onver. (Share value is 3/16 and the amount rate of KDV is 18%) The first sale date is on June30, 2017 and the second sale date is on July31, 2017. Also the hours are same as on the first day; between 10.40-10.50 a.m. The Enforcement Court is in Osmanpaşa.


The Tender Conditions

The tender conditions for Arnavutkoy real estate are stated and according to these conditions; the offer can be made during the 20 days before the 1st tender date. The last time for the offers is the June29, 2017. If there will be no buyer in the 1st tender date; the offers will be started from the 5th day after the tender and will continue to the July30, 2017. The offers are going to be in electronic form;

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