The Fastest Depreciation İn Residential Buildings İn Esenyurt

According to a survey conducted by the Turkish Data Processing Center (TÜVİMER), which operates in the Teknopark of Yıldız Technical University, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü come with 17 years at the beginning of the shortest duration of housing depreciation in Istanbul.

According to TÜVİMER's investment guide, the return on rent for housing in Istanbul was calculated to be 22 years.


In Istanbul, where depreciation periods have increased rapidly in recent years, the rental return period of luxury houses is much higher than the average period. Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Sultanbeyli and Sultangazi are the most profitable cities in the return of the housing. The average of these five counties is 19 years.


The average length of housing depreciation in Istanbul was 31 years, the average of the five largest ones. While Beykoz is in the first place with 37,5 years (450 months), it is followed by Sarıyer (389 months), Bakırköy (386 months) and Besiktas (382 months) with 32 years. The first 4 of the provinces have the longest duration of depreciation, which is clearly ahead of the list. Sisli (306 months) ranks fifth with 25.5 years.


TÜVİMER Strategy and Business Development Director Ömer Türkoğlu said that as the square meters of housing prices increased in Istanbul, the rental-oriented turnaround times also increased. Türkoğlu said that the houses are divided into categorie as zero-3 thousand TL, 3-5 thousand TL, 5-10 thousand TL, 10-20 thousand TL and 20 thousand TL according to the unit value of square meters, and these houses were evaluated within 24 months period.

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