The Factories Became Housing

As a result of the factories leaving the city, the empty lands are being filled by the luxury housings, shopping malls, offices and hotels. 23 factories transformed into the housings, offices or hotels in the last 5 years. Turkey industry development made many regions as factory areas in İstanbul in 1980’s. Levent, Bomonti, Kağıthane, Basın Express yolu etc. became factories areas in İstanbul. The intense immigration to İstanbul, the increase of the foreign investments and the factories’ leaving the city are the effective factors for the transformation. Today the facilities and the establishments have begun to change rapidly.


The Factories are Leaving Istanbul

The projects in İstanbul generally focused on the building of the housings, offices, shopping malls, hotels etc. The big factories prefer the areas where are out of İstanbul. Especially for the last 5 year-period this situation became more apparent. According to the Economist new; İstanbul has a land problem in the city center. Now, many areas which were the factories regions in the past are being used for the new projects. (Şişli-Bomonti, Basın Ekspres Yolu, Ayazağa etc…)Days are being counted for the developing new projects in the 3 factories areas.


Kartal is a Good Example for the Transformation

The one of the best performing regions in the is Kartal in İstanbul. The many biggest industry factories of Turkey are in Kartal and now by the subway and transportation facilities Kartal become a very attractive region for the citizens in İstanbul. Kartal is being evaluated as the new living center.

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