“The Decrease Of The Interests Will Raise The House Sales”

IMKON president Tellioğlu said: “the decrease of the interest may raise the house sales at a record level. The contractorship service law should be legislated in order to make the housing and the construction market sustainable.”

President of the confederation of construction contractors (IMKON) Tahir Tellioğlu stated that the decrease of the interest may raise the house sales at a record level.

In his written exclamations Tellioğlu stated his opinions on the indexes of building and production endorsement.

Reminding that the building endorsements without season and calendar effects decreased %1 compared to the previous year’s first quarter Tellioğlu pointed out that the recession in the domestic market has effects on the building sector.

Tellioğlu pointed out that it is necessary to prepare a serious and comprehensive packet related to only the building sector with the government officials and said that if there are no new projects of the sector when the old projects ends, a serious decrease will affect the sector in 2017.

Furthermore, Tellioğlu said that they are very hopeful for the new government and pointed out that thanks to the contributions of talented persons like Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, the economy minister Nihat Zeybekçi, the minister of environment and urban planning Mehmet Özhaseki, the minister of finance Naci Ağbal Turkey’s economy will rear up.

Emphasizing that the building sector makes up the 250 sub-sectors of material fields in Turkey, Tellioğlu said that the banks need to decrease the interest rates.

Pointing out that the Central Bank’s interest rate reduction decision should be affects housing credit interests at once and suggested that the decrease of the interests may raise the house sales at a record level. Any developments in housing sector will animate the Turkey’s economy. There is an artificial foam occurred as a result of the urban transformation in the city centers. The buildings are demolished and renewed individually in the name of urban transformation and this affects the sector negatively in every aspect.

Tellioğlu stated that some professional competences should be indicated by law and in order to make housing and building sector sustainable he touched upon the importance of the contracting service act.

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