The Criterion in House Buying Has Changed

There are some different criteria in real estate market today. The criteria such as closeness to public transportation spots and markets, sport centres and hair salon are asked for in order to satisfy such needs. Increasing population and accordingly increasing traffic problem in our country has also changed the criteria in ‘buying a house’ phenomenon.

One of the world’s leading real estate consulting firms, Century 21 Turkey’ CEO, Onder Uzel states that the people has left the idea “a roof over my head” behind and has started focusing on some criteria such as closeness to the traffic and social life. He also stated: “ Closeness to the airport, tramline, metro, sea bus, ferry port is an essential criterion especially in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir from now on. In addition to this, non-traffic areas, being in the heart of the social life and places in which all the needs can be satisfied are other points to be considered.”

Projects Get Shaped Based On New Criteria

Uzel says that traffic problem in big cities reflects on buyer’s needs. Century 21 Turkey’s CEO, Onder Uzel states that people who make residential investments have reached a certain conscience level, in parallel with this conscience construction firms have also started to shape their projects based on the investor’s preferences.

He says: “ Investors are well-informed now and they know ‘buying a house’ means ‘buying a life’. They prefer their future house being close enough to their work if possible in order to get rid of traffic problem. Under these circumstances, construction firms also care about taking these needs into consideration while designing their projects and try to make these projects in locations that can meet those requirements which have been coming from the prospective buyers.

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