The Construction Plan Of The Kabatas Martı Project Has Been Postponed!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality started its work for "Kabatas Port Transit Transfer Center" in December 2016. The "Marti" project, also known as "Kabatas Quay Transportation Transfer Center" pegs staked. Approval for the plans of the project was made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. The plan, approved on July 5, has been postponed for objections on July 21st. Development plans will be postponed until August 19th.


The land, sea and rail system lines will be rearranged for the area of ​​29,396 square meters in Kabatas. Prepared raporda 2 subway line will be connected to Kabataş açıklandı.


It has been announced that investment projects have been completed by Tekstilkent-Kabataş metro projects completed by the Ministry of Transport in the investment program. When the line construction was completed, Bağcılar, Esenler, Gaziosmanpaşa and Kagithane districts would be integrated with the Kabataş Passenger Jetty for sea transportation and other rail system lines.


After the project is over, the changing coastlines and depths and newly constructed areas will be processed into the sea maps. The precedent account and floor elevation will be determined by the preliminary project to be approved by the relevant conservation committee.

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