The Construction Has A Big Contribution For The Rapid Transformation Of Istanbul

The construction has a big contribution for the rapid transformation of Istanbul

The Cities of Trademark Summit is for the first time organised in Turkey and took place with an intensive interest from construction firms and establishment of civil societies.The main subject at the summit was the raise of Istanbul between the world cities and the cities in Turkey which have a high potential to become a trademark.


It was emphasized at the summit the contribution of the trademark cities for the economy and the potential of a private and public partnership.Nazmi Durbakayim, The Board of Directors President of The Builders Association in Istanbul said at the opening speech of the summit which was organised by Eventuum,”Istanbul is a natural trademark city because of its geopolitical location.Was born as a trademark.Istanbul hosted different cultures for centuries and has a matter of course a cultural center characteristic.Because of its geographical location and being a merge point makes it a business center.Istanbul is a matter of course an international cultural center and financial center.In the meantime,we corroded the city too much.We built industries in precious places and turned the Bosphorus into a sewage and Altinboynuz to a slime.But we struggled to get back these beauties which we disrupted and were successfull.We can see the big clean up of the Bosphorus and our Golden Horn today.”


The construction has a big contribution

The Vice President of ITO Gokhan Murat Kalsin stated at his opening speech the importance of construction sector which brought Istanbul at this point.”The construction sector offers an important contribution for the rapid transformation of Istanbul.32 thousand members among our total 600 thousand members are in this sector and with the sub-industries the number increases to 70 thousand.If the public,STK and private sector move with a common mind together,we can put forth the trademark of this city.

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