The Building Lisence Will Not Be Given To The Buildings That Are Not Waterproofed!

The Ministry of Water Insulation Regulation prepared by the Ministry was given the final shape. The regulation covers the principles of water insulation to be made on the basement, floor and basement walls, roofs, balconies and wet spaces of the buildings that come into contact with the soil. Accordingly, waterproofing of the new buildings will be obligatory. The regulation regulates the design and construction of measures and compliance rules for situations that cause risks for health and usage by such factors as corrosion, durability and strength loss caused by exposure to water or nourishment of building elements. In the existing buildings, if the technical report determines that the water insulation should be modified or the insulation and drainage measures should be taken against the water effect, the regulations will be followed.



Considering parameters such as ground properties, climate and ambient conditions, type of building, purpose of use, groundwater level, it will have to be prevented from penetrating the construction elements with water in various ways. If the projects do not comply with the requirements of the regulation in the case of measures against water, the building license will not be granted. If it is determined that the new buildings are not manufactured according to the principles stipulated in the premises, permission to use the building will not be given until the deficiencies are eliminated. In water insulation, guidance and evacuation systems will be formed to remove the water from the structure together with the water effects and density that the building elements can be exposed to.


Waterproofing of surfaces such as basement, basement surround curtains, upholstery, etc. which are in contact with the soil shall be done taking into account the intended use and structural characteristics of the building, soil characteristics such as permeability, groundwater level, ground chemical properties such as basic type and depth and seasonally highest groundwater level . Depending on the water effect, buildings which have a building height exceeding 51,50 meters or covered area of ​​10 thousand square meters with long, short and intensive buildings such as health facilities, education buildings, residences, management buildings which are evaluated to be adversely affected by building function, water insulation against pressure water effect.

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