The Bank Will Refund 3 Times The Unfair İnterest

Beware of bank customers! Citizens who have suffered the common interest of 12 banks have the right to sue and claim compensation from these banks. Between August 21, 2007 and September 22, 2011, borrowers and credit card holders can receive up to three times their money for excess interest payments.


Lawyer Feride Hilal Manufacturing, credit, credit card users, or depositors in certain 12 banks in the case of claiming the right to take the case, stressing, “In addition, the law, if requested, they can receive compensation of three times the difference in interest rates,” he said. Manufacturing, “a bank customer with a maturity of 150 thousand lira and 120 months maturity will pay 258 thousand 248 liras with 1 percent interest and paid 277 thousand 319 liras with 15 basis points cartel interest (1.15 percent) .The consumer has lost 19 thousand 71 liras. If the amount multiplied by 3, 57 thousand 213 pounds will be calculated compensation, “she spoke.

Hakan Tokbas, President of Consumer Law Institute, explained the amount of compensation that can be taken as follows: “Let us suppose that interest rates on home loans have artificially increased by 15 basis points, 200 thousand lira and 120 months maturity, repayment with 1 percent interest is 344 thousand 330 pounds. 1.15 interest is 369 thousand 759 pounds.Interest interest 25 thousand 429 pounds.According to the calculation of three times the compensation, the citizen receives 76 thousand 287 pounds.

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