The Adress of Cheap Housing is Changing!

The most expensive housing in Turkey is generally sold at Istanbul city. The options offered  getting smaller and smaller especially for narrow and middle-income citizens.

The answer for the question that why can not build cheap houses in Istanbul is high land cost. The real estate bosses indicate that the largest cost of construction in Istanbul is land cost. Almost every region in Turkey, the construction cost is more or less same and the factor that determines the price is the land cost.


In developing areas at Istanbul, the landowners wants the 50-55 percent of the construction projects. These rates increased at city center up to 75-80 percent. For this reason, Istanbul's contractors turn their routes into other addresses.

What is the situation in other cities?

Turkey Data Processing Center (TUMİVER) determines the rates that landowners want in other cities.

Beyond Istanbul, 50 percent was also exceeded at the central points of cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Muğla Bursa and Antalya. In other cities, the rates at constructions in the center of the city are up to 50 percent. In the East Anatolian Region, in the Southeast Anatolian Region and in the Black Sea Region, there are still areas to develop the project at rates of 25-30 percent. But experts also point out that land rates vary from district to district, even from neighborhood to neighborhood.

According to the survey of Turkey Data Processing Center, the rates highest to the lowest;

  1. Marmara Region

  2. Central Anatolia Region

  3. Mediterranean Region

  4. Southeastern Anatolia Region

  5. Eastern Anatolia Region

  6. Aegean Region

  7. Black Sea Region

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