The 12 Most Favored Regions of Istanbul

While it promises high premiums for investing in some regions, it also makes some business investment or big gains in some regions. Where should I invest in Istanbul ?

1. Beykoz – Land Investment

Beykoz is at the forefront of the regions that professional real estate consultants are most likely to offer to customers for land investment.

2. Bahcelievler – Commercial Investment

Bahçelievler is one of the increasingly important regions along with transportation projects. Bahçelievler earns 96 percent of its investor.

3. Bakirkoy – Commercial Investment

In particular, the commercial investments to be made to the central regions of Bakırköy earn 70%.

4. Atasehir – Housing Investment

Those who invested in Ataşehir make a profit of 46 percent.

5. Business – Housing Investment

Bagcilar, the neighboring region of Istanbul’s TEM highway route, began to be valued, especially with its urban transformation projects

6. Kagithane – Commercial Investment

The Kagithane region between the TEM and E-5 motorways is advantageous in terms of transportation and is close to Istanbul’s plaza center, making the region valuable for commercial investment. A commercial investment in Kagithane yields 42 percent more return.


7. Silivri – Housing Investment

İnvestment in Silivri started to gain 41 percent.

8. Sisli – Commercial Investment

İstanbul’s office-intensive region, Sisli housing investment is very much a commercial investment brings greater premium. A commercial investment will make you win at least 40 percent.

9. Eyup – Housing Investment

You will get to Eyup, one of the oldest residential areas of Istanbul in the historical peninsula.

10. Catalca – Land Investment

You will invest in Catalca for 38% of the land investment. Land investment in this area is much more important than housing investment.

11. Kadikoy – Housing Investment

If you invest in housing in the province of Kadikoy you get at least 35 percent premium

12. Pendik Housing Investment

Pendik region also stands out as an alternative to Kadıköy. If you do not invest in housing in Pendik which is one of the fastest growing regions with new housing projects, you get 35% profit.

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