Temel Karamollaoğlu İs Determined To Stop İnvestments

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu held a press conference at the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the party.


Evaluating the agenda, Karamollaoğlu once again reiterated that he would stand against all of the planned investments made during the ruling period of the AK Party.


Karamollaoğlu said that in the case of power rationing, the first thing is to stop investments in business, Karamollaoğlu said that investments do not strengthen the country.


Temel Karamolloğlu said: “ The first thing we do when we come to power is to stop all of our current investments.The whole of these investments is going to be a service oriented, a money-laundering, a money-raising, a money- They are investments that make life easier but do not strengthen the country."

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