Teknik Yapı Will Start 4 New Projects!

Teknik Yapı Will Start 4 New Projects!

Taking Anatolia to the radar, Teknik Yapi started a new investment push. Within 6 months, the company will pass on 4 new projects worth 4 billion TL, including Istanbul Kartal, one Fikirtepe and one Izmir project. Especially, during the recession and crisis period, indicating that they have increased their speed of movement to contribute to the economy, Umut Durbakayım, Vice Chairman of the Technical Board, said, "We have always struck gaza in times of crisis, and we have not waited. There is no crisis at the moment, but things are going to be a little heavy in this period. " Durbakayım, who gives information about the new projects, said that the project of 1,100 houses in Kartal will start this year. The project, which will be passed on through urban transformation, was being used as a cooperative for Tekel employees. The second project in Kartal will be the 'Business' office part of the Deluxia Park. In the first half of 2018, the İzmir investment will start with the fourth project of the company Fikirtepe.


Durbakayım, reminding them that life started in the first project that they had a dream in Fikirtepe, said that the second project is about to be completed. Recalling that the third project in the region, the Uplife Kadiköy, continued, Durbakayım told Ziverbey and then they were working on a project to make a living. Durbakayım stated that the value of 5 progenies in Fikirtepe exceeded 3.1 billion liras. Durbakayım said, ‘If we did Fikirtepe by itself, it would be over 30 percent and the value would be at least 30 percent The biggest problem is that there are companies that are not competent in the region Fikirtepe is unfortunate’.



The first project outside of Istanbul in Denizli, which has a misconception, will make its second project in partnership with Halk REIT in Izmir. Durbakayım said that the project will include many units such as residential, hotel, commercial unit in the construction area of ​​300 thousand square meters. Durbakayım noted that they have been collecting land in Yaliciftlik region in Bodrum for years and will make a world-class project including health tourism at a suitable time. There is also the Black Sea Region on the company's radar. Durbakayım said that they will step to Trabzon as a result of their research on this area.

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