Tax Exemption On Housing Rental Income

According to Article 21 of the Income Tax Law, a certain part of the revenue obtained in a calendar year from the fact that the buildings are rented as dwellings is exempted from the income tax, but the application of the exception also depends on certain conditions.

Before moving on to these conditions, it should be noted that there is no relationship between the methods of determining the expenses to be taken into account in determining the earnings that we have transferred in our previous taxation and the application of the exemption regarding the taxation of rental income. In other words, in terms of earnings detection, there is no point in choosing the actual expense method or in order to exclusively use the expense expense method.


But exception has priority over expense. For this reason, we deduct the exception before the conditions that we transfer below, deduct from the gain after the remaining exception (25% of the expense or the actual expenses after deducting the part corresponding to the exception).

The first condition to benefit from the exception is that it is the dwelling of the rent. Exceptions can not be calculated for places that are rented as work place.

The second condition is that the taxpayer obtaining the rental income does not have commercial, agricultural or professional income taxed in the actual method. In this context, it should be kept in mind that the commercial gains taxation in the simple procedure is also achieved in the real way, and that the profit exemption granted to the young entrepreneurs is utilized, so that the gain is not declared.

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