Take A Vacation On The Moon, Is Not A Fantasy No Longer


Do you want to spend your next holiday on The Moon, instead of The Earth? The European Space Agency (ESA) will be completed and go into service by the year 2030, which called that “The Moon Village“, looks like beginning to take reservations in advance.

The head of the European Space Agency, Professor Johann-Dietrich Werner, became the head of a very large budget allocated for Space Research. Woerner at the same time, all of Europe of their new satellites in the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter to be sent to the spacecraft and more than 10 years ago to leave the earth and in outer space on an asteroid, named the robot Philae, will be responsible for.


In his first statement after assuming office, Werner mentioned that; his big interest about The Moon and as ESA their first plan will be sending robots with 3D printers to The Moon’s surface of indicated that they would prepare people to live. Dismissing a country without more then ever, American, Russian, Chinese space science in cooperation with the village of the people said they want to establish months.


5.25 billion euros for the realization of this incredible project in 2016, the year 2017 for a total budget of 4.4 billion euros were allocated. 200 scientists, engineers and industry experts work on the project. The European Space Agency (ESA), according to the latest moon is expected to begin within five years the village project, the project will be completed by 2030. Before 2020, robots will be sent to the village, a few years later, will begin to welcome the first guests in the village.

Johann-Dietrich Werner concluded his speech by making a joke about the world with the following sentence; “if aliens came to visit us and saw what we did here, I don’t think they’re coming down”…

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