Support for House Buyers! Conditions are Clear Now

Some details are certain now for those prospective house buyers. Especially in the recent year, some important regulations have been made about social aid in Turkey. Ahmet Kıvanc and Tahsin Akca answered all the questions about social aid which is related to most of the people from newly mothers to prospective young house buyers, from women to the old people.

State subsidy at the rate of 20 % will be payed for young people who want to save money for their marriage and for their ‘dowery accounts’ which they will open. One should get married before her/his 27 in order to get benefit from this social aid up to 5.000 TL. This regulation will put into practice by 18th of April,2016. Those young people who are getting ready to get married will be able to open a deposit account or participation fund in banks after 18th of April.

A Contract Will be Signed

It is important to focus on the details in order to benefit from state subsidy in maximum and not to suffer from. While opening such bank account a contract will be designed and will be stated that it will be a “dowery account”. This kind of bank account can be opened for only one specific person and currency can be only in Turkish Lira. It can not be a joint account. Parents or guardians can open bank account for those who are younger than 18 years old.

Those who open a “dowery account” will have to pay money changes from 100 TL up to 1.000 TL regularly. They can pay substantial amount, for instance 15.000 TL, of money only once. Payment scheme will be monthly or once in every 3 months. Those who postpone the payment will lose their state subsidy.

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