Support For Home Buyers! The Conditions Have Become Clear

Details of the dowry account and housing support closely related to the citizens became clear.
Significant changes have been made in recent years in Turkey on important social assistance arrangements, with the important part being in the last one year. You will find the answers to the questions that are asked about the social benefits that are related to every part of the society, from the women to the elderly, to the young people who will be married to the newborn mothers, who will receive housing, Ahmet Kıvanç and Tahsin Akca.

20 percent government contribution will be paid for the "dowry" accounts that the young people who want to save money for marriage will open in the banks from Monday. It is necessary to get married before the age of 27 in order to take advantage of the state contribution that will be given up to a total of 5 thousand liras.

The dowry account application actually begins on Monday, April 18th. Young people who prepare for marriage will be able to open a deposit account or "participation fund" account in the banks starting from Monday.
Attention should be paid to detail in order to benefit from maximum state contribution and not be a victim. When the dowry account is opened, the contract with the bank will be arranged and it will be indicated that it is a "dowry account". Dowry account can only be opened on behalf of one person and Turkish Lira.

It will not open as a joint account. A dowry account may be opened by a parent or a guardian on behalf of minors under 18 years of age. In addition to the citizens of Turkey, the dowry account can also be used by expatriates and their children and grandchildren, who are called "blue card", who are removed from Turkish citizens with permission.

Those who open a dowry account will have to deposit regularly between 100 liras and a thousand liras each month to the bank. Participants will be able to deposit up to 15 thousand liras for the first time on account when they first open the account.

The dowry account will be paid monthly or quarterly. Those who choose a monthly period up to 3 times a year; Those who choose a 3-month period will be unable to pay up to 1 time a year. If the payments are delayed more than allowed, the state contribution will be lost.

When paying for a dowry account, the entrants will be entitled to withdraw money twice a year for monetary tightness. However, the balance remaining after the withdrawal will not be less than the sum of the minimum amounts to be deposited from the opening date of the account.
For example, a person who makes a payment from 400 to 15 months a month will be able to withdraw up to 4 thousand 500 liras of the accumulated 6,000 liras. A thousand 500 pounds, which is the minimum of 100 pounds to be invested monthly, will not touch. In order to benefit from the state contribution provided to the dowry account, the account will have to be paid regularly for a minimum of 3 years before the date of the marriage.

A second condition is that your marriage will have to be done before you reach age 27. Those who spend less than 3 years to fill the age of 27, ie those who have completed the age of 24 and have begun to receive the 25th day, do not need to open an account.
Those who want to take advantage of state contribution to the dowry account, will be called to the bank where the accounts are located within 6 months from the date of marriage. It will also be necessary to show your marriage purse at the time of application.
Only those who make their first marriage benefit from the state contribution. Those who remarry after marriage will not be able to benefit from this remedy. You will be asked for a certificate of first marriage.
When the government contribution is calculated, the accumulation on the date of marriage will be taken as basis. Regular payments of 36-47 months to 10 percent of the accumulated amount of the contribution will be contributed. Total contribution will not exceed 4 thousand liray. The payment period is between 48-59 months for up to 15% of the accumulation amount and up to a maximum of 4,500 liras; 60 months, and those who have over 60 percent of the accumulation amount of up to a maximum of 5 thousand pounds will be given the state contribution. 5 thousand pounds to contribute 5 years 25 thousand pounds will need to accumulate.
The government will also provide state contributions to those seeking housing similar to the dowry account. In the housing account, the basic rules will be the same as the dowry account. To benefit from the state contribution, the person who will open the housing account must not have his own house as of April 7, 2015.

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