Special Concrete Used In Osmangazi Brigde!

Special high performance concretes called Durabetplus and Durabetself used in Osmangazi Bridge.

OYAK Concrete General Manager Ramazan Yücel said that specially prepared concretes by Oyak concrete named Durabetplus and Durabetself utilized in the foundations of the suspension bridges towers, anchorage structures and closing viaducts.

Yücel points out that Durabetplus and Durabetself are durable against environmental effects, impermeable, have low risk of crack and high performance furthermore their control of heat development ensured and they are permanent concretes that do not need any maintenance at least 100 years.

Yücel said that the special concrete prepared by Oyak Concrete and Oyak Bolu Concrete Corporation for Osmangazi Suspense Bridge is used in all of the project concrete areas. Yücel emphasized that they used one of the very most distinctive features of Durabetplus and Durabetself which is hydration heat development and they provided that the concrete keeps its ideal value during the seasons’ conditions. Hence, this will protect the bridge against early age cracks and provide a long life period without any maintenance.

Informing about the techniques used in pouring of the concrete Yücel said that 265 thousand cubic meters special concrete used in two separate North and South worksites. Tens of equipment were ready to continue the process of concrete pouring uninterrupted.

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