“Single Residential Exemption” Valid For Whom?


Property tax where the property is located in Turkey based on the value of the field, at a rate of 2 per thousand is determined. Property taxes increasing in proportions every year, in the months of May and November are collected. Real estate owners must pay entirely the tax revenue to the municipality within the specified period. However, in some conditions, real estate owners may be exempted from this tax. In this case, “single residential exemption” is called, and depends on certain conditions.


Property taxes in a “single residential exemption” to provide a gross area of less than 200 square meters of the property must be owned only. In this case, the home owner must be retired, disabled, veterans, martyrs widows and orphans, unemployed people and housewives without any income, they are not obliged to pay the estate tax without income. Veterans and families of martyrs is not required to have any income to be exempted from the estate tax. This discount also requested the house itself there is a requirement to take advantage of the tax relief. So, residing in a different house that does not belong to him, and everyone who owns a single home can benefit from this exemption.


However, the law as housewives who do not have income in the specified rule of the house, in case the lease is eliminated. In this case, because an income is obtained. Revenues that are not considered housewives is married and his wife can benefit from the law. If husband and wife both own a house, they can not have any benefit from the exemption. The home owner real estate tax deductions in order to benefit from agricultural, industrial and commercial activity does not come with any. In the same way the stock market, interest rates, and doesn’t have income, such as bonds.


To be exempt from real estate tax for first, you must be only a home owner, and you’ll need to move at least one of the specified conditions. Then, the housewives, a petition to widows and orphans, pensioners pension certificate and ID card copy by contacting the municipality may request a tax exemption along with the petition. Except for the people who are retired if they are retired from the social security institutions in Turkey and abroad are eligible to apply for these rights. You pay for the taxes the municipality is required to give a petition to backward.

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