Silivri Comes to the Forefront in Land Investment

In Silivri, which is not seen as ‘countryside’ anymore thanks to the rapid extension of metrobus route, especially Alipaşa, Ortaköy and Gazitepe with 80 % contribution they made in the last 2 years has become the most favoured fields among land investors. There has been an active land market around the county, which has been being watched closely for Canal Istanbul Project route, in the last 4 months.

Silivri has started taking the lead in the list of the most attractive places for land investors. Orhan Yazıcı, Altın Real Estate Silivri Representative, who states that Alipaşa, Ortaköy and Gazitepe are the most lively points in the county, also says: “These areas have made 80 % splash in the last 2 years. Silivri is an attention grabbing area not only because it is in the route of Canal Istanbul but also because it has some virgin areas. Such that, it comes to the front thanks to its 1 hour distance from important places of Istanbul besides its closeness to the industrial areas just like Hadımköy.”

Villages of Silivri are Having Lively Times

Yazıcı, who states that the county will complete its embodiment and raise minimum 70 % in value by the end of 2017, also says: “ Silivri has started being active in terms of land invesment especially in the last 4 months. It is not a countryside anymore thanks to extension of the metrobus route. When considering Silivri is in Canal Istanbul location now, it has also started attracting considerable attention from ‘high quality’ construction firms. All the eyes are on Silivri again for Canal Istanbul route because of the high expropriation prices in Arnavutköy- Kayaşehir and also because of the inconvenient lands in these fields. Especially villages in Silivri are having their most lively days.”

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