Should Pay Attention To When Buying Land?

High interest loans for housing because of declining sales. The sales data for May also show explained the decrease in mortgage sales.


Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK ), in May 2016, according to statistics of housing sales in Turkey mortgage sales decrease of 11.6 percent compared to the same month of the previous year 35 thousand 423 happening.


When Land investment should pay attention?
The height of the housing loan interest rate investors to invest in land instead of directing it. Real estate professionals in the direction of investors due to the high interest rates on housing loans in the region says that translate into land to be valued in the short term. Experts emphasize that investors especially, with projects such as bridges charm 3. Airport and 3 show a growing interest in the region. But when land investment is stated that investors should be cautious . But land investment should pay attention to what they do what are the factors to be considered when buying land?


What should be considered when buying land ?
Here are the important factors that need to take care of the land…


– Every day to take the increase in residential housing prices make it hard, causing the postponement of the decision-making residential mortgage loans at high interest rates. It also provides high mortgage interest rates to address the issue instead of other types of real estate investors.


– Investors are instead of their savings due to the rise in interest rates, housing works by evaluating the land investment. In particular, short and long-term investors who want to assess their savings and get more lucrative it prefers to purchase land from the growing attraction of the giant project.


– However  as in any investment in land investment done right it makes gains. Therefore, be careful when buying land and you need to keep some important factors to consider. Experts also need to pay attention to those who invest in them to make a right turn to land investment notes that certain factors.


– Investors who prefer taking the money in the hands of the land even though they support real estate professionals should not neglect to do good research.


– In the Land of the land it must also give importance. Is jointly owned land to be purchased, have separate title deeds should be learned. Jointly be reluctant to land, private plot of land should be preferred, if possible.
– Those who want to get expert assistance should try to work with institutional real estate.

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