Settlement Talks For Transformation Of Ok Square Started

A number of international companies which are based on real estate property and construction  sector came together in Real Estate Summit  20016 in İstanbul as well as participation of Mayor of Beyoğlu Ahmet  Demircan . As the  mayor stated in the summit  that Project of Ok Square will provide added value in the region also if we can end up the first part of the whole project in 2 years. Moreover, the project mainly shows the transformation of shanty houses to create living space for people with highly modernized construction materials.


A number of international construction companies as well as many remarkable statesmen and invitees took participate in the summit. Demirtaş , the mayor of Beyoğlu, evaluated the issues of transformation, restoration and lucrative urban economy . Afterwards, Demirtaş expressed some significant topics to foreign guests, like failed coup d’état on July 15 and its details.  After he stated such an important political economic topics, he clearly indicated out that Turkey is still suitable and profitable country for any kind of potential investment.

The Development Trend Will Go On

Demirtaş tenaciously expressed before and after situations of failed coup d’état to guests to highlight the non-stop advancement of Turkey in every field. One of the main idea of talks to underlie the capacity and development of Turkey which is perceived irritant by other developed countries. Except for the general aim of the summit, the economic appeal of Turkey had been tried to keep up due to political economic talks.

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