Security Technology Of Istanbul Grand Airport Has Been Anounced

The new technologies which are planing to be used in Istanbul’s third airport which is called IGA (Istanbul Grand Airport) are showing up day by day. This project which is said to transform the airport into a spaceport will include SMS system while welcoming the passengers. After two other airports in Istanbul, this one will provide great convenience to the passengers with new technology and the location different from two of airports.


And also, according to a national newspaper in Turkey, there will be eye, face and fingerprint recognition system at the enters. By this way, this system will work at the enter of the terminal with face identification machines and they will match each face with the suspect lists. And this will provide homeland security and the control of the criminals. At this airport which will have the video cameras with analyse system, the staff will be able to detect suspicious acts and control ownerless suitcase automatically.


The airport of which one part is going to open at the first part of 2018, is hosting 57 experts now to maximize the comfort and the security of the passengers. It’s needed investment of 200 million dollars for the base of the information technologies.


According to the plans that’s been made for the facilities of the airport, there will be wearable technology, display screen, self check-in, self-drop (for the suitcase), digital kiosk, face recognition system, LTE, Wi-fi, beacon and bluetooth technology in the use of the passengers as a standard service. The project which is believed to host 90 million passengers first year, will employ more than 100 thousands personnels.

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