Sector Is Waiting For The Changes After Newly Adopted Legislation

Real estate sector is waiting for Realty Consultancy Resolution which is expected to discipline the sector after the entry into force. ERA Real Estate Turkey keeps growing up thanks to its free seminars. ‘Real Estate Sector and Institutionalisation’ seminars of ERA Turkey, which always adds new ones into the list of educations it gives until today, have been conducted in Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul.

International Real Estate Consultancy, ERA Turkey, promotes the importance it gives to education by going on its free seminars. Beside emphasizing the importance of institutionalisation, returns of real estate law has been also focused on in seminars in Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya. In seminars, in which there was a detailed discussion about Real Estate Sector and ERA Real Estate Franchise System, the advantages of institutionalisation and its benefits for enterpreneurs are especially dwelled on. While discussing about the fact that real estate consultancy is one of the top-grossing businesses, it has been also explained the reasons why enterpreneurs should invest in this sector in seminars, in which all the advantages of the sector have come to light.

ERA Real Estate’s Franchise Sales Director, Kadir Tumen says: “Institutionalisation is inevitable for those enterpreneurs who aims high earnings. While high service and support quality brands reduces enterpreneurs’ risks, education system and technology shortens the time of investment return.”

Tumen also states that newly adopted Realty Consultancy Resolution, which is awaited impatiently by Realty Sector, will discipline the sector after entry into force and the sector will be run only by subject matter, educated experts. Tumen also says: “after the entry of legislation into force, the number of corporate offices will increase and sector will have a vision and synergy. Last users will gain awareness about institutionalisation.”

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