Sector is Ready for Flat Urbanisation

Instructions coming from the top of the government on the “flat urbanisation movement”, on which the state has been studying for a while, trigged the sector representatives. The state has started conducting a study based on flat urbanisation when skyscrapers, which are regarded as a must in ‘modern city’ setup have caused critical deformations in historical landscape of the cities. Also president of the republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated: “Upright architecture can be used in small areas. However we should use our authentic, flat architecture in the areas which does not have any problem about space.” in Urban Transformation and Smart Cities Congress and has recieved an answer from real estate professionals: “We are ready.”.

Honorary Real Estate Development Inc.’s CEO, Onur Ongun, who has brought lots of residential areas to light with his right land analysis for a large number of cities, especially Ankara, has stated that they support all the studies based on the flat urbanisation, which he names as ‘century’s project’ wholeheartedly.

Ongun, who states that Turkey’s distinctive architecture is so suitable for flat urbanisation, says these:

“Upright structuring, which has increased especially in dates after 90’s, has changed the appearance of the cities thoroughly. The fact that lots of high-rise buildings and business centers have been built in many cities, especially in big cities, has brought about a change in silhouette of the cities. However, Turkish people has repudiated the high-rise buildings. This circumstance has caused the historical appearance to stay in the background. But this situation will start changing in the opposite way thanks to the steps came from Fatma Guldemet Sari, the Minister of Environment and Urbanisation. I would like to state that we are ready to do everything for the ‘flat urbansation movement’, which is also supported by our dear mr. President, on behalf of Honorary Real Estate and myself.

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