Sarigol and Yenidogan Urban Transformation Projects Tender Were Done

TOKI will construct 796 housing and 13 work places in Sarigol quarter for the Gaziosmanpasa Urban Transformation Project. The tender of the 796 housing and 13 work places in the first step of the project in Sarigol was realized by TOKİ. The project also involves the social facilities, infrastructure and environmental regulations. In the urban transformation project the houses are designed as the 521 housings are 2+1, 271 housings are 3+1 and 4 housings are 4+1!

In the region of Sarigol and Yenidogan in OsmanPasa, the 4 step urban transformation works has reached the level of groundbreaking on the 230.562 m2 area. In Sarigol an agreement was made with the 245 right holders of the 253 right holders. The liquidation process of the 302 unqualified structures was completed. The project authorities aim to create qualified living spaces for the people. There is a modern architecture dominating façade design.


25 New Schools

GaziosmanPaşa Municipality President Hasan Tahsin Usta express that the Fevzicakmak Mahallesi Urban Essenora transformation was completed and some new constructions have started in Mevlana and İslambey regions .The mayor also announced that the first stage of the road will start next month. He also talked about an important problem in Gaziosmanpasa; 25 schools will be built in the region by the urban transformation project. The project aims to realize more beautiful, qualified life spaces with housing and large green areas. The regions which defined as “Risky Region” within the law numbered 6306 will be transformed.

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