Samsat New Houses

The creation of new settlements is important for every province. As a result of the growing population in need of housing in Turkey it is increasing. A new project has been added to the project to meet the increasing housing need. This project will be realized in Adıyaman city. It is aimed to respond to requests with the project. Adiyaman Samsat Mayor Yusuf Firat was in the explanations. Samsat district was planned to be made permanent residences. It was stated that the construction of these dwellings would begin.


When are the Houses to be Built?

The Mayor explained that the bases of housing were to be disposed of in March. Yusuf Fırat continued to explain that in March 2017 he talked about the houses to be built due to the earthquake. He stated that these houses are targeted to be completed by March 2018.

AFAD President and Opinion

In describing the Euphrates, AFAD President Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu expressed his opinion. He also stated that they were interviewing Güllüoğlu about the properties of the houses built for Samsatlı earthquake victims. An interview was also held to speed up the process. It was mentioned that peace and comfort of the people is important. For those living in the village, it was stated that it was also considered to have a warehouse under the buildings. In the description of the Euphrates, he stated that he was trying to speed up the process. It was stated that a coordinated work was carried out with the ministry for accelerating the process. As a result of the work done, the foundation of permanent houses is targeted to be taken in March. Once the houses are built, they will be distributed to the public and used.

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