Risky Buildings İn Istiklal Street Will Be Destroyed

The city authorities decided to start repair work for 189 buildings in Istiklal Street in the Beyoglu district.

Istiklal street is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Istanbul, therefore the condition of buildings is one of the most important criteria for the safety of tourists and local residents. After the technical expertise, 189 buildings were recognized as risky and are subject to reconstruction or dismantling. The condition of these buildings is currently assessed as dangerous, and cannot be left without repair work because of the threat of destruction. Before the work began, the city authorities prepared protective shutters that would ensure the safety of the repairs.



Authorized city planning supervisory authorities report that 7 buildings in Istiklal Street can be completely reconstructed and opened for further safe use, despite their current condition. In other words, the city authorities set the goal to keep all possible local buildings. The remaining buildings will need to be demolished or completely rebuilt using all the latest technologies, including strengthening against seismic and other ground vibrations.

The authorities of the region are afraid of the consequences of accidental crashes of ships carrying dangerous goods across the Bosporus Strait. Many buildings in Istiklal Street cannot stand the blast wave and crash if such an accident occurs. Until the time when the spare canal for dangerous goods is ready and the Beyoglu district will be completely safe, the city authorities decided to reconstruct some buildings to strengthen the foundation, walls or completely rebuild them.

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