Rise of the House Prices in Silivri

Rise of the House Prices in Silivri

Silivri is one the most preferred getaway places for the people. There are so many summer houses lined up the sea side. This place is an ideal place for accommodators. The district is ın the route of the Arnavutköy-Kayaşehir where the prices are too high. Furthermore, with project Canal Istanbul Silivri is taking attraction of so many people.  As happened the other parts of the county the prices of houses in Silivri is rising up. Why is the value of Silivri rising up? What is the price of the lands and real estates in Silivri. Here are the details about that district and the house prices.


Why is the value of Silivri rising up? It was seen as a resort area firstly but this idea has changed. Gold Property Silivri Representative Orhan Yazıcı stated that especially in 4 months there is an increased demand for the land in Silivri and the value of the lands are continuing to rise. Especially in Ali Paşa, Ortaköy and Gazitepe are the most preferred areas because of their advantageous locations.  Silivri is very close to Istanbul as well as it is on the route of Canal Istanbul. With help of the metro bus line, Silivri isn’t seen as a resort area anymore. After the project canal Istanbul, it has started to take attraction of the construction companies. Especially the villages of Silivri are experiencing their most active period with the influence of Canal Istanbul.


Why is the value of Silivri rising up? The answer is clear. For the investors Ali Paşa, Ortaköy and Gazitepe are highlighting areas. These places’ values has risen 8o percent in 2 years. Silivri is a district that attracts attention with not only with its location but also its pristine areas. It is also so close to Hadımköy and it is one hour away from Istanbul’s well-established centers.

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