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In 2015, housing sector closed the year with record number which is 1 million 289 thousands. Then sales of more than gained speed in the spring of this year.In the real estate sector, 2016 began quickly for sales. The sector closed the year with record sales about 1 million 289 thousands in 2015, and it become to fast in Spring for the new year.

Even in the new projects of existing projects as well as sells opportunities in launching and campaigns are offered.Especially before the summer holidays and Ramadan months, the firms who increase their sales became to intervene the campaign and opportunities of decisions of postponed the summer by housing buyers

This campaign says: ‘the right time for buying home’

Since the beginning of 2016 a new project was launched close to 45 . In these projects, more than 20 thousand new housing brand went on sale. This issue mainly Istanbul Kartal , the press took place in Basın Yolu and Esenyurt. Rapidly evolving campaign in the competition is intense in this area for the project comes into play.

At the beginning of the most remarkable campaigns in the spring comes lower interest payments. Due to the interest rate of l percent of the market within their own for investors who do not want to take a lot of companies making low-interest the burden. Mortgage loan rate cuts by the Central Bank is also expected to rise, reflecting the interest rate of housing sales.

As well as the campaign for the interest with cash on hand, will have zero-interest campaign for people who can afford to pay a higher amount of down payment. All apartments are made to pay down the cost of discounts on discounts to those who want. In other words, a convenient payment plan for every purse in the project is necessary .

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