Responding To Gold Bonds From Jewelers

Under the initiatives to increase individual savings, Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister stated that they clarify 2 detailed investment opportunities to the method, including gold bonds and gold based rental certificates to take the gold under the pillow to the economy. It was aimed that the investment instruments expected to give depth to the financial regulation would provide additional benefit to the so called gold deposit of the citizens.

This step of the government’s investment in gold has caused discomfort in the goldsmith shopkeeper. President of Izmir Jewelry Chamber Turgay Baransel, criticizing the regulation to be done, said that the system will harm the tradesmen of jewelers, will benefit the bank.


The banks are not able to be like jewelers. You can change the value of the product you bought today from the same value. When you put this in the bank, you will see separate transaction when you give it to the bank. You pay a lot of commissions when you even take your own money out of the bank.

Customer Helps

Banks make the citizens harder when they buy and sell, the buying and selling prices of the jewelers are different, the citizen who enters the two different jewelers understands this, but the transactions are different in the banks and there are differences in how the interest rates are different in the bank. The customer is missing the account because he does not know his account. It’s like they cannot start giving credit here.



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