Resident Sales Increased 15, 2%

One hundred seventeen thousand two hundred five residents was sold in March throughout Turkey. Residents sold last month increased 15, 2 according to the previous month and 1% according to the same month last year.

Turkish Statistical Institute announced resident sales statistics of March.

Accordingly, while residents sold in February was one hundred one thousand seven hundred three, last month it increased one hundred seventeen thousand two hundred five last month. Istanbul has the biggest share (18, 8%) with twenty one thousand nine hundred ninety three resident sales. Ankara followed this city with (10, 9%) twelve thousand seven hundred thirty resident sale and Izmir followed it with (6, 4%) seven thousand five hundred forty nine residents. Cities with low sales rates are respectively, Ardahan with 10 residents, Sirnak with 19 residents and Bayburt with 20 resident sales.


In aforesaid month, mortgaged sales decreased according to the same month last year 14, 3% and regressed to thirty eight thousand eight hundred twenty two. Mortgaged sales’ rate in total resident sales is 33, 1%. Istanbul took the first line in mortgaged sales with eight thousand five hundred thirty nine and 22% share. City with the highest share of mortgaged sales is Artvin with 50, 3%.

The number of residents change hands in the result of other kinds of sales increased 10, 8% and rose to seventy eight thousand three hundred eighty three.


In March, according the same month of last year the number of residents sold for the first time increased 1,7% and became fifty two thousand three hundred seventy four. In the first sales, Istanbul had the highest share (19, 5%) with ten thousand two hundred sixteen residents. Ankara followed Istanbul with four thousand eight hundred thirty eight resident sales and Izmir followed them with two thousand eight hundred sixty resident sales.

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