REIDIN Estate Index April report has been published.

Among the 7 biggest cities of Turkey, in April housing prices raised most in Yalova with %32, 64.

It is Yalova among the 7 biggest cities of Turkey in which housing prices raised up most with %32, 64. According to Turkey İş Bank expressions, REIDIN Estate Index report of April has been expressed.

According to REIDIN Estate Index which measures the rhythm of Turkey economic’s pioneer (building sector) and has been prepared by the contributions of Turkey İş bank that includes 62 cities, 221 counties and 1.083 neighborhoods the potential of building sector is on its way to continue.

Among the 7 biggest cities of Turkey, in April housing prices raised most in Yalova with %32, 64. Yalova is followed by Çanakkale and Antalya. The hires raised most in Ordu with %29, 09. Ordu is followed by Çanakkale and İstanbul.


According to date by REIDIN-RGYODER New Estate Price Index the projects prices in Anatolian side of Istanbul raised more with %8. 8 points when compared to the Europe side. You can access housing projects throughout Turkey which are supported by favorable housing credits of İş Bank on “”.

On account of damping period, among the purchased estates which saves its money in the shortest time period when given to hires is Van with 15 years. Damping period is the longest one in Aksaray with 24, 3 years.


The highest annual income from hires is in Van and the least one is seen in Aksaray.

According to his expressions on the issue of Estate Index prepared by REIDIN and Fast Estate and Fast Estate Investment Cooperation, Turkey İş Bank Personal Credits Manager Recep Hakı said that the indexes published by REIDIN, work like a mirror in assessing the potential of or country’s building sector. In this respect, we are happy to give our support to preparations of indexes as a leading group that pioneers sector’s bank area.

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