Regions With The Highest Housing Square Meters Prices In Turkey

While the annual price increase in Turkey was 12 percent, the average selling price of the houses for sale was reflected as 2,203 liras. Looking at rented houses, the annual increase of 5 percent is remarkable. In Turkey, the average price per square meter in the rental is 16 liras, while the amortization is average in 12 years.



In Istanbul, the average square meter in residential houses was 3,200 liras. Rented houses averaged 20 liras per square meter. The average price of amortization is 13 years in Istanbul, Sarıyer, which has the highest price in the last month. Square meter prices in the province increased by 12.6 percent, Eyüp received a 5.9 percent increase in the second row. Third place is Besiktas with an increase of 5.0 percent.



The average price per square meter of residential properties in Ankara increased by 7 percent per year. The average price of a square meter for sale is 1,500 pounds in Ankara and the average price in rented houses is 8 pounds. There is Pursaklar in the first place in the order of increasing the number of the cities where the depreciation time is 15 years. In the district, prices for residential properties increased by 1.3 percent in the last month and 0.9 percent in the second quarter. Keçiören, the third place in the last one month increase is 0.6 percent.



The average price per square meter of residential properties in İzmir increased by 13 percent in a year and reached 1,953 liras. The average price in rental housing increased by 13 percent and reached 9 liras per square meter. The depreciation time is 17 years. Among the most valued cities of İzmir in the last month, Foça gets the first rank with 7.8 percent increase. The increase in the second-ranked Çeşme draws attention as 4.8 percent. The third place is Guzelbahçe with an increase of 2.9 percent.


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