Record House Sales to Foreigners in Istanbul

The house sales to foreigners in İstanbul were at a level of 16% in the beginning of the 2013. Last month this rate was raised to the 35%. Iraqis is the 21% of the total foreign sales with the 884 housings in the first quarter. According to the Turkish Statistical Institution data; in the first quarter of 2107, the foreigners purchased 4.270 housings in Turkey. The 1/3 of the total sales is in İstanbul. The sales decreased 8% in the first quarter; the first quarter of 2016 sales is 4.642 and now this number is 4.270. In the first quarter the foreigners bought 1.478 housings in İstanbul. The second most preferred city is Antalya for the housing investments. Foreigners purchased 856 houses in Antalya in the first quarter of the 2017. Bursa is the third city by houses and Yalova follows Bursa by 212 houses according to the data.


Iraqis are in the First Place for the Foreign Housing Sales

The TUIK data also stated the investors as their nationality. According to this list Iraqis are in the first place for the foreing housing sales. Iraqis purchased 884 houses, Saudi Arabia bought 435 houses, Kuwait purchased 368 houses, Afghanistan purchased 300 houses and Russia purchased 252 houses in the Turkish Statistical Institution list. The foreign housing sales to these five countries were 52% of the total foreign housing sales in the first quarter of the year. The total sale number in 5 countries is 2.239.

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