Record Growth İn 15 Months By İnvesting İn Ventures

Unpredictable Project Founder A. Seçkin Canan stated that they have achieved a record growth by reaching a financial volume of TL 3,5 million from the capital of 2,500 TL in 15 months.


The founders of the Unpredictable Projects, which is active in the content production sector, gave information about the financial size of the company A. Seçkin Canan. Canan announced that they have reached a financial volume of 3,5 million TL from the capital of 2,500 lira in 15 months.


Canan, who stated that the first and only representative of HuaaS (Human Intelligence as a Service) business model that transforms human competencies into production is themselves the first and only representative in Turkey, says: "We are growing rapidly by transferring to the income initiatives we have achieved.We are continuing our activities in Balat.In January 2016, We have gone out of business without any investment partner and have reached a financial volume of 3.5 million TL in 15 months.We have invested 1.5 million TL in our venture until today and we continue to invest in people who produce by working on different venture projects " he said.


Noting that there is no initiative to produce quality content in the communications sector, Canan said the industry will grow with a content-focused approach and plan its initiatives accordingly. Canan said: "The Unsustainable Communications Agency is active in all areas of communication with its 5 staff members and nearly 100 professionals in the business network." SAP has the largest international business partners, itelligence, 60 years in office furniture, and disaster recovery and business Clonera Bilişim, which specializes in continuity solutions, manages the communication processes of Easy HR, one of Turkey's largest stationary e-commerce platforms, from and its recently noted initiatives.

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